Men’s hockey champions trophy: Can hockey ever break into mainstream media?

For hockey to get as much exposure as other sports such as football, rugby, tennis, golf or cricket will be difficult, but cycling has proved that ‘new’ sports can start challenging the established order of things.

Success at international level is vital in getting the attention of the media. Men’s hockey, for instance, received a lot of coverage after Great Britain won gold at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. But, for minority sports, that success has to be maintained over a long period of time to chip away at the dominance of other sports.


TV companies are, unsurprisingly, inclined to pay more for an established sport that they think will pull in great viewing figures...

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Different Sport Fishing Methods Explained

Are you going on a recreational fishing trip? If this is your first time? Or are you brushing up on some of your techniques? Certainly, it can help to have a few methods explained. The truth is that sport fishing is different than any other type of fishing: you are trying to catch the biggest and most illusive fish. If you are competing with a group, you will really need to get some of your skills down – or else you may be a sore loser at the end of the day. Fortunately, most of these sport fishing methods are easy, but you have to have the competitive spirit. Here are some different sport fishing methods explained.


  1. Trolling, or trawling as it is sometimes called, is a method whereby multiple lines are put out to sea. The bottom of the line – where the hook is – drags along the bottom...
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Mitsubishi Cars: The Best Beasts on Indian Roads

Mitsubishi Motor Corporation is a Japanese automaker that entered into a technical collaboration with Hindustan Motors and set up a manufacturing facility in Chennai in 1998. The company is known for robust engineering of its vehicles and a rich motorsport heritage. The company first tasted success in the Indian market with Lancer that competed beautifully against Honda city.

Mitsubishi Present models in India:

Mitsubishi Pajero: It is a high performance SUV in India that is has been registering brisk sales in the country. It was launched in 2012.  t appears intimidating due to its aggressive looks characterised by radiator grille with expressive chrome strips...

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Tips on buying good cars for less

In order to choose the right car you have to know what you are doing, react quickly to the changing situation and market fluctuations but getting a purchase on a good qualitynissan maxima for much less money than previously planned. It is easier to do all this with the help of online websites and auto portals so you have to make the most out of every chance you get. To first choose what type of car you need make sure you read nissan juke reviews, see testimonials and go on test drives, and only then you can be ready to make an investment in a car, even if it is cheaper than anything else out there.

Finding the right car is fun today as you can study price comparison websites easily to find the best solutions for yourself and your family...

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Enjoy Watching Live Sport Events Online

Live streaming of sports has served people largely by offering them great convenience in watching live coverage. Watching the final match of a cricket tournament or watching Olympics online might be your desire. But, does going in person to watch the match live hold possible at all times? No, it certainly doesn’t. However, with live sports streaming services you could enjoy any event happening in any corner of the world right before you. Yes, online websites offer live sports streaming services to provide you comforts. If you visit these websites, you will find different categories and events or concerts based on those categories in a schedule. You can choose any category and enjoy watching them...

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Peculiar contributions by Carl Freer in the various technologies

Carl Freer is a notable personality in the field of technology and business handling. His contributions in these two fields and several others have been worth mentioning and accepted by people all over the globe. He has set up a number of organizations and a range of technical applications that have attracted huge masses everywhere. There are so many international patents that he has received in his life time. He was born in Sweden in the year 1970. There are numerous marketing activities that he has carried out in his life time. Every contribution is very significant and has helped the people a lot in various ways.

Tiger Telematics inc. is an organization that has been developed by Carl Freer. It is a company where he worked some years back...

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West Indies and UAE announce their 30-man Preliminary Squads

Summary: West Indies and UAE have announced their 30-man squad for the World Cup. West Indian pacer Rampaul is not included in the team.  

In the coming World Cup 2015 West Indian pacer Ravi Rampaul will not be in the team. As per the 30-man squad released by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), the Trinidad and Tobago cricketer is dropped from the list.


Before the West Indies series was cancelled when they were playing against India Rampaul played in the 2 matches. The 30 man squad which is announced by the selector includes 6 uncapped players those are left-arm batsman Kenroy Peters, 19-year-old pacer Marquino Mindley, leg spinner Imran Khan, left-hand opener Evin Lewis, all rounder Jonathan Carter and offspinner Ashley Nurse.

West Indies 30-man Squad

Sulieman Benn, Carlos Brathwaite...

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What Color Will Your Next Car Be?    

When it comes to all the colour choices available to consumers who are car shopping (depending on where you shop and the particular make and model of car,) they can make their selection from a pretty wide array of the entire spectrum. And even with such a myriad of colour choices, most car buyers end up buying a very subtly coloured vehicle. When out and about driving, and most clearly on the highway, it is fairly easy to assess the various trends in what are the most frequently purchased autos in general. So where does this leave brightly, happy coloured rides that would seem to be more often spotted out on the road than they actually are?

If Teens Ruled the World

The truth is, if more teens who were recently licensed were outright given a car with the allowance that it could be of any ...

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How to Plan a Summertime Sport Fishing Adventure

Are you ready to go on a summertime sport fishing adventure? The truth is that there are plenty of places where the water is warm enough and the fish are plenty. Whether you are trying to catch marlins or other beasts of the sea, you will need to plan your trip accordingly. In order to have the best sport fishing adventure, you will need to consider other factors – so that you enjoy your adventure and so that you can catch the most fish. If you visit a location that doesn’t have the particular fish that you want to catch, you may not have a good time. Here is how to plan a summertime sport fishing adventure.

  1. Choose your location carefully...
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This Wattbike along with Household Riding a bicycle Teachers

What exactly more could When I choose? There are many merchandise available that can help ones teaching as long as you’re inside your own home; they each fit in one of those different types: Turbo Teachers, Rollers, in addition to Household Teachers. This Wattbike is usually an household teacher, although I’ve got had many several.

When i however work with the rollers. I’ve got Arion A digital Rollers, while not long ago this “Digital” component of these individuals possesses never do the job. When I not might get the rollers to help get in touch with additionally, firm abs practical, in the event a little bit medieval, handlebar positioned system...

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