The 2016 Olympic Games and its Problems

Everyone loves something about the Olympics. It’s such a huge sporting occasion, a worldwide event and one not to be missed. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was chosen as the venue for the 2016 Olympics which didn’t go down well in many quarters. There were widespread fears about the Zika virus spreading, corruption and competitors taking drugs. When it comes to the 2016 Olympic Games things haven’t been going right, it’s been problems, problems all the way.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Rio 2016 already, especially in the years and months leading up to the Olympics. There was a problem with Rio’s infrastructure and whether it would be ready on time. With construction running behind schedule the mayor of Rio promised all venues for the Olympic Games would be delivered on time.  Other points of controversy included:-

  • Brazil’s economy. Brazil was facing its worst recession in approximately eighty years, budgets were being slashed and many people in the country were and are facing real poverty. Organisers of the Olympics tried to find ways to cut back on spending as well as reducing travel and food costs for officials. With high inflation rates and high unemployment, the Olympic Games should have been a welcome event for the whole country.
  • Right in the middle of an economic crisis, the impeachment of the President and scandals, Rio is also struggling with oil companies, corruption, bribery and price fixing. Building firms that have been involved in the Olympic construction projects have also been implicated. Safety is also an issue, it has been seriously neglected by the authorities and the Olympic Games organisers. Many workers have died building stadiums due to the lack of safety procedures and equipment. It seems to be the job must be completed at all costs regardless of the consequences in loss of life.
  • Water problems. Rio’s Olympic waters were found to have human sewage in them with lots of bacteria present. In previous Olympic Games some athletes became ill when competing in water-based events so inspectors finding human sewage and water contamination was a real worry. It was promised that the city’s water would be improved with new sewage plants and facilities being built especially where sailing events were going to take place.

Olympic event organisers quickly realised that the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Games would present serious issues for athletes, spectators and officials.

2016 Rio Olympics, fraught with problems

With all of the issues surrounding the build up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, this worldwide sporting event still went ahead. As the Games have progressed the complaints have piled up and in many cases worsened.

Many experts have claimed that Rio already had a huge array of problems and was potentially one of the worst choices as an Olympic Games venue, and they were right. Organisers are really going to have to think long and hard about a suitable venue to hold the 2020 Games.

What College Football Uniforms Score a Touchdown?


When it comes to college football uniforms, fans of their respective teams can get quite passionate.

On one hand, you have those uniforms seem to change every few years, going from the more traditional look to something with a little edge. In the case of the Oregon Ducks, well, you never quite know what you will see from week to week. Just note that it will have some semblance of green, gray, yellow and white in it.

On the other side of the coin, you have those uniforms that look like they came out of the 1960’s, still in essence the same features to this day. Schools such as Penn State, USC, Alabama, and Texas etc. have done little in the way of changing what their fans see week in and week out.

So, are you a fan of those more creative looks and styles? If not, does it bother you that your school appears the same season after season, albeit except for one look at home and another on the road?

Keep in mind that college football jerseys are a big business, a really big business.

Not only do certain brands pay big dollars for schools to wear their designs and logos on the field, but the sales in college bookstores, online, and other shops where gear is sold adds up rather quickly.

If you were ranking what you thought to be the top college football uniforms nationwide, what would they be?

Once again, that all pretty much depends on whether or not you like something a little more on the wild side or something that screams tradition.

Without further ado, here (in no particular order) is one person’s opinion of the top five college football uniform schemes (jerseys/pants/helmets) that rock college campuses and the worst five (with the same scheme pattern in mind) that would definitely not kick it during London Fashion Week:

Worst 5:

  • Maryland – Along with it not making sense for the Terps to be in the Big10 in the first place, their football garb the last several seasons has been nothing short of atrocious. While new color schemes definitely are a hit with merchandising folks, watching the Terps (especially on TV) calls for wearing sunglasses at times (even when it is raining);
  • Boise State – The blue football field is enough to digest in Idaho, let alone the blue uniforms that the Broncos have been sporting. What was once a not so bad looking helmet has been ruined in recent years with a Bronco that looks like it is on steroids;
  • Arizona State (alternate) – When ASU sticks to its traditional maroon and gold jerseys and pants with the yellow Sparky helmet, thumbs up. Unfortunately, the Sun Devils have gotten a little too carried away the last couple of years with alternate jerseys and really bad looking helmet gear;
  • UCLA (alternate) – When you grow up with certain expectations of certain teams and their uniform schemes, significant variations of said uniforms then becomes a problem. Much like its conference foe Arizona State, UCLA has the traditional blue and gold look that has made it one of the better uniforms on TV, not to mention in-person too. When the Bruins dig out those hideous dark jerseys and altered helmets, the TV look is anything but a winner, especially for night games at the famed Rose Bowl;
  • Oregon – Lastly, the Ducks are no doubt trendsetters when it comes to football uniforms. That said Oregon could tone it down just a little bit. The different uniforms week after week lead to no consistency whatsoever. Bring back the old yellow helmets with Donald Duck’s cousin on them. Then again Oregon football was not exactly tearing things up year after year with those helmets.

Top 5:

  • Penn State – Many will clamor that PSU’s jerseys look like nothing more than practice uniforms. Actually, it is that look of many decades that makes them one of the best around. Keeping it simple, yet knowing it is Penn State each time the Nittany Lions take the field;
  • Alabama – Just like PSU, the Crimson Tide have pretty much kept things simple over the years. The numbers on the helmets make for a simple and yet nice feature. If you had ‘Bama wearing its road uniforms against Penn State wearing its road uniforms, only the colors (red versus blue number schemes) would tell them apart;
  • USC – The Men of Troy have also been rather well defined over the decades by their well-known cardinal and gold color scheme. Not only do the jerseys/pants/helmets look good when seeing USC live, but the Trojans show up quite well on television too;
  • Iowa – Although you might think you are watching the Pittsburgh Steelers at times, Iowa’s simple black and gold color scheme fits nicely in the nation’s heartland;
  • Texas – In what might be the best looking helmets in college football (simple and yet effective with a Longhorn facing you down), Texas with its burnt orange and white mix has always been pleasurable to look at, that is unless you were a Texas A&M fan over the years.

So, what college football uniforms catch your attention for better or worse?

Looking Good At The Beach

No matter where you live, there is a fair chance that your summer plans and end-of-summer parties will include spending time at a beach. Whether this is an ocean beach, a lake beach, the beach next to a river, or even a beach you make yourself in your yard surrounding the pool, the point is this: at some point, you’re going to be transitioning from street clothes to swim gear and both of those looks need to be outstanding.

to swim gear

Swim Trunks Matter

Look, this is a friendly party. Nobody’s going to appreciate you walking around in your speedo. Get some proper trunks! And no, your cargo shorts cannot “double up.” Right now the trend is men’s retro swim trunks. These vintage style swim trunks are perfect because they provide plenty of coverage while also looking great. These retro shorts can be worn in the place of your regular cargo shorts, giving you more time to enjoy the party because you won’t have to duck anywhere to change into or out of your swim gear.

Choosing the Right Shirt

Pairing the right shirt with your retro swim trunks (and, potentially, your regular shorts if you’re going to be changing) is important. Sure, you want to look like you don’t care and that you just threw your outfit together but guys, come on. You know that look takes some work.

When choosing the shirt you wear to your summer/end of summer beach parties, the first thing you need to figure out is how often you’ll be changing into and out of it. If you plan on taking multiple dips in the water, you’re better off with a button down, because you can put them on and take them off without having to worry about messing up your hair. They also hang looser than t-shirts and tanks do, which means you won’t have to worry as much about your post-swim damp skin soaking the back of the shirt.

Choose a color that complements the color of your swim trunks. Yes, this matters. Clashing on purpose went out of style with the rest of the grunge/alternative fashion blip. Avoid white. Why? Because summer beach parties tend to involve messy foods and you don’t want to have to worry about a giant splotchy stain detracting from the rest of your look.


The right footwear is vital and, more often than not, is going to depend upon the beach’s terrain. On a sandy beach, you can probably get by with regular flip flops or sandals. If the beach is rocky, however, you’ll want something more like a swim shoe that will provide some traction. Just say no to Crocs. Seriously. Yes, they’re convenient but no. Not even as a Dad joke.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is open and that it gives your feet space to breathe. No lace-ups or Chucks. Why? Because your feet are going to get wet. And when you shove wet feet into closed shoes and/or socks you dramatically increase your chances of developing athlete’s foot. Plus, it won’t take long for them to start to smell and trust us: everybody will know that the smell is yours.


Wearing a waterproof watch is often a good idea, especially if it is built into whatever fitness tracker you choose to wear. If it doesn’t, stick with the fitness tracker and use your phone to tell time. Don’t layer devices up your arms. That wasn’t even cool in the 80s.

Make sure you bring a waterproof container in which to store your phone and any other stuff you don’t want to get wet, like your wallet. This way, you don’t have to worry about accidental damage should a splash fight occur.

Protect Yourself

Sunblock is not just for nerds. It’s for everyone. And yes, we do mean sunblock. Sunscreen prevents burns, sure, but sunblock prevents skin cancer and burns. There is nothing awesome about severe sunburns or melanomas, so stay safe! Follow the directions on the bottle and make sure the sunblock you choose is waterproof!

Looking good isn’t something that just happens, no matter how much we want to convince people otherwise. Use these tips to help keep your body healthy and awesome looking as you head to the beach!

Small Hockey Towns Produce Big Talent

Some say that the greatest hockey players are born not made. Whether or not that statement is true, what is certain is the immense amount of hard work and determination it takes to rise through the ranks from amateur play to arrive at the professional level. To this end, the town a player comes from can have a large impact on their ability and skill.

This infographic highlights those players lucky enough to be born and raised in special communities where hockey is a way of life. While small, these areas of the globe are renowned for producing some of the greatest hockey players of all time, giving credence to the belief hockey is indeed in one’s blood.
Best Little Hockey Town Infographic
Presented By Athol Murray College of Notre Dame



Are you planning to travel to Brazil for the Olympics? It would be great if you have someone to guide you throughout- isn’t it? That’s why we are here to offer you a checklist so that you are fully prepared for the tour.

First of all, be ready with the important documents such as passport and visa. Check whether your passport is valid and make sure that you have a visa. Unless you are not prepared with these things, you are not authorized for Brazil Olympics Travel.

download (52)

The next thing upon which you must draw your attention is the safety measures. Are you aware of the Zika virus? Have you taken the necessary precautions for it? If not, then go for it as soon as possible! Also, insure your tour with the help of a travel insurance company.

Now let us come to the parts which are absolute necessities, no matter where you travel. And these include booking the hotel and transport and carrying some extra money. It is advisable that you book your accommodation and cab before your travel so that you do not face any problems after reaching the place.

Since the main purpose of your visit is the Olympic Games, it is very important to make arrangements for travelling to and from the Olympic village. The other things to keep in mind are whether you are carrying the medicines that you usually take and are equipped with the electronic gadgets that you may require in the course of the tour.

The written documents related to any food allergies that you may be having and the list of emergency contacts and hotel address must be there along with you.

Now that you have covered the pre-travel to-do list, it is the time to pack your bags and set off!

While packing your bags, please do not forget the following:

  • Tickets
  • Cash
  • Passport (both original and photocopy)
  • Brazil Olympics Travel Guide
  • The electronics equipment along with the charger
  • Other important stuff such as mosquito repellant
  • Your medical prescriptions

Another thing which you must look at is the transportation from the airport to the hotels. You must go for a conveyance that would suit your budget and also ensure a comfortable journey at the same time.

You must be well-aware of the present weather conditions at the place, and it would be great if you can learn some words of the commonly spoken languages of the place. Make other relevant preparations and take the necessary precautions.

However, for a safe and smooth tour, the guidance of professionals is necessary. For this, you may refer to for more details and tips. They will also help you choose the right transport from traveling from or to the hotel. You can even download the Brazil Olympics Travel Guide from there for a better travel experience.

Wish you a happy journey!


download (55)

Are you the one interested in the sports activities to make yourself to stay active and healthy? Searching for the best sport that could enhance both body and mind strength at once in an eminent manner? Do your unusual weight and body shape makes you to lose your confidence level? Then you are at the right place. Of course this makes you to know about a sports activity, which makes you to concentrate both in physical and mental health simultaneously.

Crossfit Coaching Harmaniacs is the ultimate destination, which is the hub of all the cross fit games that makes people to get trained for the efficacious sport. This multiple beneficial sport can make one to higher the mental and physical ability level and functions the body in an eminent manner. It even regulates blood flow, higher the metabolism level. This targets both the mental illness and physical illness, and stables the body in a neutral manner, which will be stimulation for a normal growth level. It is in fact, this gives a better support for a healthy living in an effective growth rate.


            In day to day life, stress and depression are the common mental illness, which makes people to attain multiple disorders in he mental health resulting various brain and psychotic diseases. To overcome these complications and to attain a better mental health, it is strictly advised to make use of the cross fit games. As, these games lowers the tense level and increase the mental ability, it is proved that these diseases can be controlled by the effective sports. Even, this higher the temper level and make gives a better energy level to overcome any situation in an easy way. Even this could prevent the entire mental illness and comforts you by decreasing the stress and depression.


            This cross fit sport is the most imperative one in physical training. This makes one to attain a perfect shape and fit body within a very short period of time. Apart from the others, this could decrease the calorie level in a constant manner and increases the body metabolism in a huge manner. Even this could help to get a better energy level and makes to stay active all time. Even this overcomes tiredness and other type of the body complications in an ultimate manner. This can maintains BMI and even this supports weight loss in an eminent and also in an effective manner.

            Moreover, one can get a perfect body condition, while making use of these cross fit exercises or while undergoing the cross fit training. This could give more beneficial mental and physical fitness and comparatively, it is high than the other types of sports. Crossfit Coaching Harmaniacs supports the athletes of this sport and even its motto is to, change everyone as a fitness person, which simultaneously grows both the people and the game in an effective manner. So, this is highly recommended, to attain both physical and mental health in an eminent way.

Golfing With Ease

While you’re traveling from one hole on the golf course to another, you might think about how easy it would be if you had an electric golf caddie. A benefit of the caddie is that you won’t have to lug around your equipment by hand, which can take some weight off of the shoulders. If the shoulders are relaxed, then you might see that you are able to swing a little easier since there isn’t as much tension on the muscles.


It takes about 4 hours to play a round of golf if you’re playing with a few friends. This involves the time that it takes gathering all of your supplies together and getting them back into your caddy. Everything will fit securely in the electric caddie, and since it’s self-propelled, it saves you a great deal of time that you would spend walking. They are often less expensive than a golf cart while still offering transportation around the course.

Most golf bags can weigh about 15 pounds. This puts a severe strain on the back and other areas of the body. Even with a caddie that you pull or push, you still have a lot of strain on the muscles. The electric caddie allows you to walk behind the cart if you want, but you don’t have to do as much of the work since it pulls itself. There is usually a small seat on the caddie, similar to a bicycle, that you can sit on if you don’t want to walk behind the caddie.

You’re able to stay in shape while walking with the caddie. Instead of only using the arms and abdominal muscles that you use while swinging at each hole, you are using the legs as well while walking from one hole to another. However, you will find that it’s a bit more comfortable since there isn’t excess weight from your bag and equipment. An electric cart is lightweight, protecting the grass on the golf course. Since they are electric, you can use them on the paths that are designated for other motorized devices, which sometimes means a shorter route between holes.

What Makes the adidas Brand so Iconic in Soccer?

Some sports lend themselves to iconic brands, and the adidas soccer jersey has long been one of the most visible brand identities in soccer uniforms. A key reason for this may be that the increase of soccer’s popularity in America directly parallels that of adidas itself.


adidas originated in Germany 92 years ago. Give the popularity of soccer in the European continent, it is not surprising that the company became synonymous with soccer equipment. adidas soccer cleats were, and remain, among the most popular products produced by adidas. That made them perfectly suited to a sport that is geared around kicks. Young people naturally want to emulate their sports heroes, so wearing the adidas brand has always been popular in soccer-loving nations.

When soccer made its way to the United States, however, and exploded in popularity thanks to youth soccer leagues, adidas was one of the first to fill needs for soccer shorts and other equipment required by the sport. The company saw a need in the market and expanded its inventory to include many of the items youth soccer leagues require.

According to Soccer Garage, adidas remains a popular brand for players of all skill levels. Many have fond memories of their first adidas soccer shoes, eventually emulating the popular players they see on television. By remaining true to the evolving needs of the soccer world, adidas has positioned itself as an iconic brand for the sport.


Review of Gel Intense Bag Sparring Gloves

These gloves combine power, protection, and performance with the Exclusive Gel Enforced Lining from Title. It has the capability to deliver complete impact resistance and a tight fitting when you put it n. The wraparound wrist strap and hook-and-loop enclosure ensure that you get additional support and security.

download (53)

The Title Gel Intense Bag Sparring Gloves is versatile as it can be converted from sparring gloves t bag gloves using the removable elastic cuff sleeves. It also comes with a moisture wicking hand compartment so that your hand is always cool and comfortable during training. It has been created from select hides of full grain leather so that it can last you for a long time. You will therefore be able to save the cost that would otherwise have been used in replacement.


  • It is available in different sizes
  • It comes in different color variants
  • It is designed from multi-layered foam padding
  • It comes in a custom form fit design
  • It comes with GEL infused tri-stacked cuff with 3600 wraparound
  • It has hook-and-loop enclosure
  • It comes with a removable elastic cuff sleeves


  • It is one of the most comfortable boxing gloves on the market. Although it costs less than $100, the performance is not in any way bad or reflected of a cheap material build.
  • It provides excellent wrist support since the wrist strap is cone-shaped and fully cushioned. The Gel lining also gives it a plush feel and ensures adequate protection.
  • It helps to eliminate knuckle pain even if you stay for one month without any boxing activity. With the nice design of this unit, you will enjoy it for a long period before you think of replacement.
  • These gloves are multipurpose because they can be used for sparring as well as bag work. They come with an elastic cuff sleeve, which makes it easy to convert them from sparring gloves to bag gloves.
  • These gloves come with wrist cuffs for sparring. Moreover, the design gives them a nice look. The most important factor that attracts these gloves to users is the excellent customer service from the manufacturer.


  • They are heavier than regular gloves. For instance, the 16 oz size glove could weigh up to 44.8 oz. This would make them difficult for beginners who need lighter gloves for their training. However, the weight is paid for in the level of comfort you get from it.
  • The Velcro strap on this unit is small so that it might be difficult for someone with large hands to have a tight fitting when put on.


It is important that you take the features, pros, and cons of this unit into consideration before you buy it so that you can make an informed decision.

Say Goodbye to All the Horse Race Betting Myths


Horse racing is one of the famous sports in the United States, and many people gamble money on such sports. People bet on their favorite horses and the one which wins the race. The person who has placed a bet on the winner gets all the money. However, there are some myths related to this activity. These myths are listed below.

Horse race is based on luck

It is true that one might lose the bet because the horse has been performing badly or the horseman made a few mistakes. However, we cannot blame that on luck. Just like poker, you might be having a bad day or some things may not be working out, but it is not because of your luck. Horse race betting purely depends on your skills and how your bet.

You should get rid of the horses that were away for 6 months or more

The owner must think and take a close look at these horses. The owner needs to find out how the horse has performed in the past, and whether it has been shipped to a nicer track. Hence such horses must not be abandoned.

You should never bet on that horse which is trying something different

Some people say that change is good, however this is not true. Betting on 4-5 horses won’t help you to make profits. One must bet on those horses which are trying new distances. However, if the horse is showing a different behavior, it is suggested that you closely examine performance, but do not bet on it.

Some old myths

It has been said that you might get lucky every now and then, but the closer you get to the horse race finishing line, the chances of you loosing are more. This is not true. Everything mostly depends on the skills of horseman and health of the horse you choose to bet on.

The favorite horses are favored during a horse raced

  • People think that the race tracks only want their favorite horses to win, which is untrue because they are not getting any profit out of this.
  • The horse race track earns the same money even if their favorite horse wins.
  • The best thing that could happen on a race track is that the favorites win with a mixture of long shots.
  • A mixture of the winning horses is ideal in a race track.

Money that is meant for other things never wins

This means that the money which is meant for household stuff or even for personal use, will never win you a horse race bet. This is untrue, as the betting industry doesn’t care where the money is coming from and what it was saved for. It is recommended that you bet as if this is the last dollar you are left with. In other words, bet wisely.

DRF Bets is one of the leading online betting websites. It provides you with the freshest of information about horse betting and will inform you about the current betting rates. People visit their website to bet on the horse races, because it is very easy to use and it never fails to satisfy them.